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About  DB

My career allows me the privilege of traveling often.  During the winter seasons, I love skiing near Salt Lake City where I get to visit my cousin.  When weather permits in Houston, you can find me running the pavement, lifting weights in the gym, and socializing with my fabulous friends.  Despite all of the following mentioned above, sewing is my heart and passion. 


About 3° DB

3° DB stands for Three Degrees of generations plus me, DB.  I learned how to sew from my mother, who learned from her mother (my granny), which my granny learned from her mother, and so on.  My family has a wealth of seamstress and quilters.   More than three generations of talented women have instilled in me the ability and creativity to see and make what inspires me. 

I began sewing in middle school.   I remember clearly making this green and peach knit two piece outfit.  Maybe I’ll embarrass myself and share the photo.  Then in college I made outfits to stand out and be different.  Now I’m sewing for something more meaningful.  Inspirational elements are added to my garments.  The fashion community is a great resource of style and trends.  What I will share is my take on what pleases me.  I welcome you on this never ending journey of creation and fashion exploration. 




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