Bubbles Faux Wrap Maxi

Houston is an awesome city.  However, one of the disadvantages of living here is the hot and humid weather.  Four seasons?  Ha, how about 2 seasons: " Summer" and "Not as hot".  Spring has sprung and is now getting ready to wave goodbye and introduce the beast we call summer.   Tis the season for blousy maxi dresses.

This fabric was a Rayon Jersey Knit from Fabric.com.  Cost wise, this dress was a great deal.  I spent $5.98 per yard (3.5 yards total), little to nothing on notions, pre-owned patterns, and factor in customizing - this dress is priceless.  As time goes on and as I sew more and more, I’m spending less money buying clothes in retail stores.

My mother and I were taking how we come from a background of women who sewed in our family.  She took classes when she was in the 11th grade and she taught me when I was in middle school.  Not discounting the valuable lessons she instilled in me from her sense of fashion and sewing lessons, I still spent hundreds of dollars on an extensive sewing reference full of books and videos.  It’s important to nurture and feed your passion by continuing education.  We both recommend anyone new to sewing to take classes.  Go to your local Jo-Anns, Leisure Learning, and or local community college to check for beginner’s sewing classes.  What’s worse is sewing “homemade” clothes. 

This dress was made using patterns McCalls 6700 and McCalls 6083 .  The front wrap was made with  6700 and the back 6083. 


The yolk of the back or the shoulder was longer than the two front bodice wraps so I added pleats at the back shoulder to shorten

Added 7” at bottom of dress to exaggerate the flare

Shorten the bodice by 1.5”

Used a wider elastic band

Omitted the belt in pattern 6700

Dress: DIY

Dress: DIY