Rose Gold Splattered Shorts

Copper and rose gold accents have been around for a while.  Pantone announces a yearly collection of colors and for the first time, added Rose Quartz in 2016.   It may be making it's debut appearance this year, but I've always been soft for anything copper or rose gold.  Maybe that's one reason why I enjoy sipping a mule from it's traditional copper mug.

One day I walked into TopShop a few months back and almost immediately fell in love with these silver metallic painted shorts.  Why almost? One, I didn't care for silver and thought rose gold would be a better option with my skin tone.  I realized creating my own would be fun and in a sense; take me back to grade school when my mom and I would have our own craft and DIY projects together, and besides, I wanted an excuse to hunt for rose gold metallic paint.  So I went on a trip to JoAnn's and Home Depot for supplies.   Initially, I wanted only Rose Gold on the shorts, but the single color look one dimensional and flat.  So I looked in my stash of random paint bottles and found a white bottle to compliment.  

I picked up two sponge paint brushes which were very inexpensive and used a drop cloth to protect my surface underneath the shorts.  Paint one side of your garment at a time and let dry before painting the other side.  Use a heavier coat of paint on the sponge brush to create a splatter effect by letting it roll/drip on the shorts.  Have FUN!  Tag me in your DIY metallic garments on IG @3DegreesDB