Pattern and Muslin (Toile) Fitting for Contoured Flare Pants

Pattern and Muslin (Toile) Fitting for Contoured Flare Pants
DIY: Contoured Flare Pants

Making these pants may have been the longest I've worked on a single project.  This project was completed over the course of a couple of months, not consistently at least.  I started out with drafting a "Slack" pant pattern in late October 2014. A total of 3 versions were drafted to get the contoured effect which was completed within a weekend.  Once the semi-final pattern was completed, I took a 7 MONTH BREAK before getting back to these pants.  WOW, I didn’t realize I took so long with finalizing the pants.  Maybe it was partly due to thinking it would be harder than expected, only to look back at the project as rewarding and worth every second.  







The paper pattern was transferred to muslin for the first toile fitting.   A 5/8 seam allowance was added all around on the muslin.

A few changes were made to the toile that will be transferred to yet another paper pattern.   Transferring the final muslin pattern to a paper pattern is more durable since paper will not stretch with use like a muslin (cloth) pattern would.  

The contour was achieved by using an inward curve from the bottom of hip to the knee on the back pant pattern on both sides of the pant leg.  This removes the excess from the back of the  pant leg and molds the 

An interfaced facing was added to the waist and tacked inside at the sides seams. 

The bottom of the pants were hemmed by hand since the bottom of the pants are slanted downward and would not hem well via machine.